Jesse's 1972 Buick GS

This story starts quite a few years ago, when our client, Jesse, bought the Buick GS you see here. He was in high school at the time and was looking for a fun car to enjoy with his friends. He bought the car from a local seller and enjoyed it through the rest of his time in high school. One night, when cruising around, the engine blew, tossing a connecting rod out the side of the block, snapping the cam in two and damaging the transmission as it fought its way to freedom. Jesse didn't have the money to fix the car at the time, so he parked it, like so many of us have done. Years passed, and Jesse enrolled in the military. He served 8 years as a proud defender of our country, having a child or two along the way. When he left the Navy to return home, he exclaimed to his girlfriend and the time how he would love to get his Buick out again; he missed those days of hot rodding around, and causing trouble. His girlfriend thought she would surprise him, and had her friend, who had a body shop, try to bring the car back to life. The car had been sitting for a long time, the front end had been removed, engine in disrepair, seeming that it would never go back together. Jesse had picked up a 455 along the way, with plans to someday transplant it where the 350 had once called home. It seemed that there was a chance it could come together.

The Buick entered body shop hell and sat at the friends shop for a few years, with some work done to it, unfortunately, causing more damage than good. The girlfriend with good intentions was no longer in the picture, and Jesse wasn't sure what to do with the car. It was now scattered between his moms garage, and the body shop working on it. It seemed it would never go back together, and the owner was starting to think it was time to let it go, but held onto a dream of taking his kids for ice cream in the car that he had enjoyed so much when he was younger.
A friend of Jesse's, who also enjoyed the car during their youth, had his car restored at Bump Shop Restorations, and thought if anybody could bring the car back to life, they could. Over a beer on a chilly night in the winter, his friend suggested he talk to Jerry and BSR and see what they could do. Jesse really wanted his car to have a nice paint job, sound good, but he didn't want to be afraid to drive it. Jesse's vision of what the car could be was shared by the guys at the bump shop after a quick look at the car. They were confident they could bring it back to exactly how Jesse wanted it, just like it was in high school.

Upon disassembly, it was apparent that the car needed work, but was mostly there. The quarters were shot, and the previous body shop took quite a few shortcuts that would need correcting. A donor car was found for the quarters, parts were sourced online and after a few roadtrips, the car was well on it's way to restoration. Bump Shop Restorations was able to not only put the car back together, but did so in just the way Jesse wanted it. Just how he enjoyed it in high school. The stunning paint and body work are accented nicely by the bright red paint.
The interior was freshened up with new upholstery, headliner and carpet. The 455 Jesse had rebuilt was also cleaned up and mated to an Art Carr 200-4R overdrive transmission to allow for long roadtrips. The body was completely stripped, repaired and properly prepped for the original color Buick red PPG paint.

The car was in the shop for about 5 months from the time it came in on the trailer to the time it roared home 80 miles on the highway. Just after completion, the Buick made it's debut at the World of Wheels in Chicago. It has been enjoyed on ice cream trips ever since.

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