TBird front

A driver may be an older restoration or a nice original automobile. The car is usually mechanically sound and the body is solid, with maybe some minor rust showing through. This is a great candidate for a restoration.

Ice Cream Car

A term coined by the Bump Shop.This is the first level of restoration available at the Bump Shop. This would be a freshing up of a driver and will show very nice at the local car shows. A majority of the attention is spent on the the paint and body of the car, and may include freshening up of the interior and engine compartment.
This is a great looking car, but one you will not be afraid to take the family for ice cream in.

Frame on
GTO front

A frame on restoration would address the paint and body, interior, engine, as well as the underside of the car. Typically this would include replacing the soft or rusty floor pans, brake and fuel lines, fuel tank, brakes, and preparing and detailing the underside and frame. This would also include the full paint and body restoration, engine rebuild and interior replacement.

Frame off
57 rear

A frame off restoration takes it to the next level, removing the body from the frame and addressing every aspect of the automobile. A frame off restoration is typically done when the owner plans to show the car more than drive it. This restoration is really considered a long term investment and typically will appraise for more than the cost to build at BSR.